In The Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez

Homework for December 17:

1. What is the setting of the opening chapter?

2. For whom is Dede waiting as the story begins?

3. Why does Dede refer to the woman as a "gringa Americana"?

How does the woman's behavior indicate that she is not familiar with Dominican culture?

4. According to Dede, why do people really come to interview her?

5. Why is Dede upset that the woman slams the car door?

6. What questions does Dede expect the woman to ask about her sisters' photograph?

7. What questions does she ask?

8. Why does Dede compare herself to the Jewish Holocaust survivor from the beauty shop? In what way are they similar?

9. In the opening segment, who is narrating the story?

Homework for December 20

1. What do we learn about Dede's father?

2. How do we know that he is kind-hearted?

3. Why does his wife object to telling fortunes?

4. How does Maria Teresa defend the game of fortune-telling?

5. Why does Maria Teresa say that the Ouji board predicted that she will become a lawyer?

6. How does her mother feel about these plans?

7. What is Minerva's response?

8. Why does everyone become afraid when Papa mentions

Trujillo's name?

Homework for December 21

After reading chapter one, write a profie of each of the Mirabal sisters, based on Dede's recollection of the scene in the garden. Which sister seems most likely to participate in a plot against Trujillo? Why?

Homework for January 4

If you haven't done so already, finish the character chart.

January 5

Finish reading Chapter 2 and answer the following questions:

1. What is the occasion for Minerva's school play?

2. What hints do we have the Minerva has lost all respect for Trujillo?

3. Why do the girls write their own lines for the play?

4. How does Minerva feel about going to La Vega to perform for Trujillo?

5. Why is it surprising that Sinita wants to do so? What is her reason?

6. How does Sinita change the ending of their play?

7. What does Ramfis Trujillo do to humiliate her?

8. How does Minerva "save" the girls from Trujilo's anger?

January 6

Finish reading Chapter 3 and complete handout.

Dede Mirabal

Maria Teresa Mirabal
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